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About Lisa

I am a Mum and Grandma and have loved sports all my life.

new lisa life fitness for women

I have coached children and young adults in various different sports including football, netball, athletics, badminton, cycling (from learning to ride and more) and swimming.

I always thought I was best at coaching children and then I discovered working with adults was the most rewarding thing ever!

Giving an adult confidence to learn to ride a bike or swim for the first time gives me such a sense of achievement.

I then became a Personal Trainer in my late 40’s and I have now taken that same ethos to giving women confidence in their own bodies and giving them the skills to know their own bodies.

I have a thirst for knowledge about the female body throughout the different phases of life including pregnancy, post natal, peri-menopause and menopause and have completed courses with the best Womens Wellness training provider.

new lisa life fitness for women

So if you think you have tried it all before and still haven’t seen the results you want, try a more specialist, whole body approach,

with the New Lisa Life Fitness way.

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